3G 5″ Lift Kit Combo with 12″ Flash Wheels for EZGO RXV Golf Carts 2008-2013.5


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Transform your EZGO RXV Golf Cart with this 5″ Lift Kit Combo paired with 12″ Flash Wheels. Elevate your ride and enjoy enhanced performance on the green. Upgrade your cart’s look and functionality today!

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Brand: 3G


  • Deluxe 5″ Lift Kit Combo for EZGO RXV Golf Carts 2008-2013.5 with 12″ Flash
  • Fits EZGO RXV Gas & Electric Golf Carts 2008-2013.5
  • Take your electric RXV golf cart to new heights with the Ultimate EZGO Lift Kit . Exploring the trails with 5. of ground clearance makes a difference in ride capability and ride quality . Aside from an upgrade in ride capability, this golf cart lift kit will also enhance the way your ride looks
  • It is important that you know the year, make and model of your golf cart before purchasing this lift kit. Also knowing the tire size that your golf cart wheel well can hold is equally important**
  • Professional Installation is highly recommended. We do NOT offer technical support**


Enhance your EZGO RXV Golf Cart’s performance and style with the 5″ Lift Kit Combo featuring 12″ Flash Wheels from 3G. Designed for EZGO RXV Gas & Electric Golf Carts 2008-2013.5, this deluxe lift kit provides 5″ of ground clearance for improved ride capability and quality. Take your electric RXV to new heights on the trails while giving your ride a sleek upgrade. Ensure a perfect fit by verifying your golf cart’s year, make, model, and wheel well tire size before purchase. Professional installation is recommended for optimal results. Elevate your golf cart experience with this premium lift kit combo.

UPC: 738685335826