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    Zone3 Women's Vision Wetsuit

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    Brand: ZONE3

    Color: Black/Rose Pink/Gunmetal


    • PERFECT FOR BEGINNER-INTERMEDIATE SWIMMERS: A two-time recipient of 220 Triathlon's 'Cutting Edge" award, the Vision Wetsuit offers unparalleled performance at its price point. This wetsuit takes several key features from our top of the range Vanquish Wetsuit - making it the fastest entry-level wetsuit on the market.
    • MAXIMUM BUOYANCY; AERODOME TECHNOLOGY: The Vision is focused on providing maximum buoyancy for heavy-legged swimmers. Equipped with 5mm neoprene panels on the torso, legs and hips - this gives you more core stability and keeps your body in line while swimming. We also added Aerodome technology. This is a unique material designed with air bubbles between the fabric layers to make it lighter and more buoyant, producing up to 30% more buoyancy than conventional neoprene
    • MAXIMIZES DISTANCE PER STROKE; INCREASED FLEXIBILTY: We've included an X-10 one-piece shoulder panel design that extends across the chest and shoulders to give more flexibility, comfort and stroke efficiency. Our Body Rotation Enhancement panel on the front chest helps maximize the distance per stroke and body roll during your swim. Perfect for triathlons, open water swims or training.
    • REDUCES DRAG; INCREASES SPEED: With the combination of SCS (Super Composite Skin) and AQUA-X coatings, this suit significantly reduces drag and improves durability. The dynamic SCS neoprene coating creates almost zero drag through the water. A drag coefficient of 0.021 compared with 4.0 for regular neoprene wetsuits. The SCS coating also prevents the suit from absorbing water and taking on weight. c
    • QUALITY GUARANTEED: Our products are made from high quality materials. 100% money back guarantee! Our US based customer service agents will address any questions or concerns you may have.
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