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    Zmmyr Electric Bicycle Child Safety Seat Fully Surrounded

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    Fully Surrounded


    • Use mechanical principles to effectively protect the safety of children.
    • The high-elastic shock-absorbing spring adapts to multiple intersections, allowing you to sit flat and height-adjustable to find the height that suits your baby.
    • Simple and convenient, it is easy to fix and easy to take.
    • Pay attention to your baby, travel safely, give your child a meticulous love, and escort for love.
    • The fence is detachable and designed to be installed as you wish.


    The Zmmyr Electric Bicycle Child Safety Seat is a must-have for parents who love to ride electric scooters with their little ones. Designed with the safety of children in mind, this fully surrounded seat uses mechanical principles to offer effective protection. The high-elastic shock-absorbing spring ensures a comfortable ride for your baby, with adjustable height options to find the perfect fit. Installing and fixing the seat is a breeze, making it simple and convenient to use. With its detachable fence, you have the freedom to customize the seat as per your preference. Travel with peace of mind knowing that your child is secure and well-protected with the Zmmyr Electric Bicycle Child Safety Seat.

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