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    YYXA Kettlebell Cast Iron, for Home Gym and Workouts, Cross Training, Weightlifting and Fat Burning, Available in 4KG,6KG,8KG,10KG,12KG,14KG

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    Brand: YYXA

    Color: 12Kg-Purple


    • ➤Kettlebells: are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in your commercial or home gym for strength training and metabolic conditioning.
    • ➤Heavy Duty Construction: Our kettlebell is made with premium quality, solid iron for reliability and strength.
    • ➤Provides you with a safe and reliable way to carryout intense fitness routine and weights training and will be your strength and muscles toning tool of years to come.
    • ➤Convenient To Use: Our kettlebells have different weights printed on them in kilograms and in pounds to help you effortless choose your weight at a glance. Ranges from 8.8lb/ 4Kg to 30.8lb/14Kg.
    • ➤ Mutli-Functional: This kettlebells muscles in the lower and upper body including biceps, shoulders, back, abs and much more. Great for swings, deadlifts, squats, get-ups and other exercises that train strength, cardio or tone body muscles.

    Details: With a sturdy and stable base and an integrated wide top handle, kettlebell provides you with a simple and a reliable way to build strength, tone muscle and condition your body by performing a wide variety of lower and upper body exercises. Specification: Color: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple Weight: 4KG,6KG,8KG,10KG,12KG,14KG Use it for: ✔Swings ✔Squats ✔Lifting ✔Get-ups ✔Snatches ✔Burning calories ✔Core strength training Features: - The ideal way to tone and sculpt arms, chest, back, abs and other core muscles for improved sporting performance or to help you attain your fitness goals. - A must accessory for Sports, Cardio Routines, CrossFit, Weight Loss, Boxing, Bodybuilding, Intense Workouts, and Tone exercises and Much More. - Constructed with solid cast-iron to provide you with a safe, reliable performance from one workout to another, so can focus on getting fit. B and flexible. - Painted to prevent corrosion and increase durability and give you better hand grip strength - Generously designed with a wide, ergonomic, loop handle with a smooth textured surface ensures a comfortable, secure grip for enhanced control with one hand or two hands. - The flat bottom allows for easy, safe storage and the ability to be used in specific flat bottom kettlebell exercises such as renegade rows and handstands.

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