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    YouTeMei Child Bike Seat with Handrail Seat Belt and Pedal Black

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    • Safe, stable and well-adjustable: Kids bike seat is specially designed to be widened, which can make the seat more stable and not easy to shake, and the armrests are added, and the wrap-around design is made so that the child will not fall.
    • Simple installation:our kids bike seat has 2 different installation methods, can match more types of mountain bikes, such as 180° horizontal installation, or 90° vertical installation, you can switch according to the size of your bicycle
    • Kids Bike front seat material is very comfortable: we use the PU material seat, which is softer and will not make children feel uncomfortable, and Safety Carrier Front Seat, which is a very refreshing enjoyment compared with ordinary seats.
    • Suitable for children from1-3 years old: Children in this period are lively and want to play with adults. The original intention of our product design is to allow adults and children to interact more and increase parent-child feelings.
    • Free with a bicycle mobile phone holder: it is convenient for you to use your mobile phone to navigate when you are riding a bicycle with your child, and you can also play anime for the child. The mobile phone holder is very stable


    The YouTeMei Child Bike Seat is the perfect solution for parents who want to enjoy bike rides with their young children. Designed with safety and comfort in mind, this front-mounted seat features a widened design for added stability and armrests to prevent accidental falls. With two different installation methods, it can easily fit various types of mountain bikes. The seat itself is made from soft and comfortable PU material, ensuring a pleasant experience for your little one. Suitable for children aged 1-3 years old, this seat promotes parent-child interaction and strengthens the bond between you and your child. As an added bonus, the YouTeMei Child Bike Seat comes with a free bicycle mobile phone holder, making it convenient for navigation or entertainment during your rides.

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