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    Yes4All Stackable Soft Plyo Box/Plyometric Jump Box for Plyometric Exercises, Crosstrain Workouts, Box-squats, Available with 4 Height: 6", 12", 18", 24" - Black 24"

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    Brand: Yes4All

    Color: D. Black - 24"


    • BUILT TO LAST: Yes4All Adjustable Soft Plyo Box is made of EPE foam that offers increased stability and holds up to 440lbs for maximized safety. The heavy duty vinyl coating keeps it from wear and tear even with explosive plyometric workout sessions
    • HIGH ADJUSTABILITY: Available in 4 height options, our jump boxes are fully stackable and can be used with each other for increased box height; simply put one on top of another and link them up securely with the attached Velcro straps
    • SAFE, PRACTICAL DESIGN: PVC covering increases your feet grip and prevents slipping from sweats, while pro-duty foam construction absorbs pressure and reduces injury risk to a minimum. The covering can also be easily taken off for cleaning, washing
    • HIGH WEIGHT CAPACITY: Due to its strong, quality construction, our plyometric box is capable of holding up to 440lbs and absorbing heavy pressure, offering maximum support and safety during intense workout sessions
    • ULTIMATE TRAINING EQUIPMENT: Help drastically improve your performance with HIIT, workouts and a huge selection of plyometric exercises such as box jumps, step-ups and box dips

    Details: GETS YOU IN YOUR BEST SHAPE Yes4All Soft Plyo Box is the perfect training equipment to accompany your workout routine. Working out with our jump box helps improve your speed, quickness and power with numerous plyometric exercises such as box squats, box jumps, step ups, push-ups, lunges and dips. HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION AND DESIGNED FOR SAFETY As solid as can be, the adjustable jump box is made of PE foam enclosed with quality PVC covering for maximum durability. Its high grip surface prevents slipping while heavy duty foam construction absorbs high pressure and protects your joints. In addition, Yes4All Soft Plyo Box can hold up to 440lbs, perfectly suitable for heavy HIIT or workouts. A TRAINING EQUIPMENT THAT IS MUCH MORE Available in 4 different height options: 6”, 12”, 18” and 24”; each box can be used in combination to create increased box heights for a more challenging, advanced plyometric workout. The boxes come with 2 Velcro straps each for added security and safety when stacked on top of each other. BENEFITS & USES: Boxes can be used with each other for added challenge Improves your strength and core stability with various plyo box exercises Challenges your box jumping capabilities with different height settings Tear-resistant, durable vinyl coating to withstand the test of time HIIT : 1-year and 30-day return (contact seller for more details).

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