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    XIEEIX Rear Child Bike Seat with Back Rest Armrest Foot Pedals, Width Adjustable Bicycle Rear Seat - Fits All Bicycle Rear Frames

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    • 【SAFETY DESIGN】This rear mounted bicycle child safety seat has a comfortable backrest, handles, guardrail handrails, and footrests, which can ensure that children can ride comfortably under safe conditions and allow them to explore the scenery together. Enjoy the fun of riding;
    • 【ADJUSTABLE AND COMFORTABLE】The width of the safety barrier, the soft foam pad and the backrest, the inner space of the child seat can be controlled by adjusting the width of the seat barrier to suit children of different body types, so that the child bicycle seat is guaranteed Provide maximum comfort while being safe;
    • 【HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS】The seat frame is made of steel, which is strong and durable. The seat cushion and backrest are made of safe and environmentally friendly leather, waterproof and wear-resistant, and filled with thickened sponge, which is soft and comfortable. The guardrail hand guard is made of hard plastic material, with a smooth surface, non-toxic and tasteless;
    • 【STRONG LOAD-BEARING CAPACITY】This bicycle child rear seat has a total weight of 7.7 pounds, a thick and strong frame, and the load capacity depends on the load of the bicycle, which fully meets the child's weight requirements;
    • 【INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS】Only a flat bicycle frame is required for installation. The length of the bicycle rear frame must be greater than 9.87 inches, and the width must be less than 7.87 inches. It can be fixed on any standard bicycle luggage rack with screws. Suitable for all bicycles.


    The XIEEIX Rear Child Bike Seat offers a safe and comfortable riding experience for your little one. With its adjustable width, soft foam pad, and backrest, this rear mounted child bike seat ensures maximum comfort while keeping your child secure. The seat frame is made of strong and durable steel, while the seat cushion and backrest are made of safe and waterproof leather, filled with thickened sponge for added comfort. The seat also features a guardrail hand guard made of non-toxic plastic. With a strong load-bearing capacity and easy installation on any standard bicycle luggage rack, this child bike seat is suitable for all bicycles. Enjoy the fun of riding together with your child, while ensuring their safety and comfort.

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