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    XIEEIX Front Child Bike Seat Black

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    • 【UNIQUE FOLDING DEVICE】The peculiar Folding device is suitable for different bicycle models, and can be installed front and rear, and can be adjusted in multiple directions to keep the child bike seat level and stable;
    • 【THICK STEEL PIPE】This kids bike seat structure is made of thick steel pipe, which is thick and sturdy as a whole, and can safely bear 130 ib weight without support, meeting the load requirements of all children;
    • 【COMFORTABLE SEAT CUSHION】 The seat cushion with a thickness of 1.96in is filled with soft sponge inside, which is comfortable and soft as a whole, so that the child will not feel sore while riding;
    • 【OVERALL FOLDING ADJUSTMENT DESIGN】 This bicycle child seat adopts multiple folding design, and can adjust the distance of the seat and the direction of the seat according to the installation situation and the size of the child, and the installation is more diverse;
    • 【APPLICABLE MODELS】 This child seat has space requirements, and the distance between the front car and the seat is required to be greater than 50cm. It is suitable for hybrid bicycles, folding cars, scooters, city bicycles, etc.


    The XIEEIX Front Child Bike Seat offers a convenient and safe way to transport your little one while cycling. Its unique folding device allows for easy installation on different bicycle models, whether it's mounted on the front or rear. The seat can be adjusted in multiple directions to ensure stability and levelness. Made from thick steel pipe, this sturdy seat can safely bear up to 130 lbs without any additional support, making it suitable for children of all sizes. The comfortable seat cushion, filled with soft sponge, provides a pleasant riding experience for your child. With its overall folding adjustment design, you can easily customize the seat's distance and direction to fit your specific needs. Suitable for hybrid cruisers, city bicycles, pedal scooters, and more, the XIEEIX Front Child Bike Seat is a versatile and practical choice for parents on the go.

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