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    xDeep Stealth 2.0 Rec Sidemount Scuba Diving BCD by xDeep

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    • Perfect for diving aluminum and other light cylinders. Small wing size makes REC ideal for smaller body frame divers.
    • Ideal for beginners and experienced sidemount divers alike, created for open water, wreck and cave diving
    • Revolutionary weight management system, included spine weight pocket allows to trim easily and fast
    • Easy setup, one size fits all with wide range of adjustments to ensure always perfect fit regardless of body size and characteristics, very streamline and compact, light weight makes it ideal for travel
    • Most versatile and modular sidemount system on the market, you can go with factory recommended settings or set it up in your own favorite way, many add on dive accessories to use with the system

    UPC: 365779099960
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