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    Wow Watersports Mega Ducky Towable, 1 to 5 Person and Tow Rope Bundle

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    Brand: WOW Sports


    • SECURE DECK SEATING: The giant inflatable ducky comes with backrest and sidewalls, great for helping young kids feel secure on the water. The secure seating gives the riders an option to sit in the cockpit, lay on the deck or kneel on the back edge.
    • MULTI-TOW POINT: The 5-person water tube has reinforced front and back tow points that allows for safe, speedy and easy ride on the water.
    • Minimum Stretch Design: The tube rope is manufactured with minimum stretch design. Towable tube rope is a strong, wide-diameter designed for tubing and extreme sports. Higher strand count to safely tow heavier loads and creates a comfortable experience.
    • Foam Buoy: Floating foam buoy and is easy to locate in the water. The boat tube rope floats on water but resists moisture penetration and mildew build-up that would degrade other materials. These boating supplies and accessories are easy to maintain.
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