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    Werner Athena Performance Core Straight Shaft Carbon Kayak Paddle-220cm

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    Brand: Werner


    • Small-sized Performance Core blades,Low angle design,Carbon weave w/ Dynel trim
    • Buoyant foam core,Slight spoon shape & dihedral back,48 x 15cm, 550 sq cm
    • Continuous weave carbon shaft,2-piece take-apart design,
    • Smart View adjustable offset,Drip rings,Straight shaft: 22.5 oz,
    • Handcrafted in Sultan, WA,1-year manufacturer warranty

    Details: Werner Athena Straight Shaft Carbon Kayak Paddle - Named after the Greek goddess of wisdom, the Athena kayak paddle is Werner's most elegant touring design. The small-sized blades are gentle on your joints and pull effortlessly through each stroke, allowing you to use a faster cadence with less impact on your body. The Athena's foam core design creates a unique profile allowing your paddle to enter and exit the water smoothly and effortlessly while adding buoyancy for lighter feeling stroke and more powerful braces. The dihedral face of the paddle blades offers you smooth forward strokes and reduces fatigue. Exceptionally quiet, light and buoyant, the Werner Athena kayak paddle is the smart choice for smaller paddlers who have a low-angle style of paddling.

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