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    VOMCIZI Inflatable Floating Dock Platform Island, Adult Yacht Dock Pier Platform Sea Fishing Raft - 10Ft/3M*6.5Ft/2M

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    • Versatile: The inflatable floating mat has a wide range of uses and is very great for water sports. The inflatable platform support not only you but your friends or families too. You can use it for kayaks, paddleboards, water play, fishing, simply lounging, yoga, or to host a pool or beach party with friends.
    • Easily inflates and deflates for storage: We provide a hand pump and inflatable drop stitch technology makes it incredibly easy to inflate and deflate the floating dock. More convenience to use and saving your time.
    • High-quality PVC material:This floating platform is made of super-tough drop stitch material, make it perfect for leisure water play. Durable enough to support adults to play without worries. Plenty of handles distributed around, you can get out from the water easily. With installed D-rings, you can connect it with kayaks or paddle boards in seconds.
    • Durable/non-slip/stable: Inflatable floating dock is made of super-tough drip-stitched material, 1.2 mm thick PVC brushed cloth, and enlarged EVA non-slip pads. Durable and safe enough to protect kids or adults from falling down into the water.
    • multiple uses:This floating dock pad is extremely buoyant and can be used for both utility and recreation. This floating boat dock just like a personal island on a lake, river or sea. It can be a fishing kayak, a paddle board or a water yoga mat. You can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, diving, tanning, water yoga, boat maintenance and etc. Let's explore its infinite possibilities!


    The VOMCIZI Water Inflatable Floating Dock Platform Island offers a versatile and fun way to enjoy water sports. This inflatable platform is perfect for kayaks, paddleboards, fishing, lounging, yoga, and even hosting pool or beach parties with friends and family. It is easy to inflate and deflate with the provided hand pump and features high-quality PVC material for durability. The platform is equipped with plenty of handles for easy access out of the water and D-rings for quick connection to kayaks or paddleboards. With its non-slip and stable design, this floating dock provides a safe and enjoyable experience for both adults and kids. Whether it's for utility or recreation, this floating dock pad offers endless possibilities for water activities.

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