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    TAP Core Builder with 60-Inch Olympic Bar

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    Brand: Tap

    Color: Black


    • Strengthen the lower half
    • Strengthen the upper body
    • Increase balance
    • Improve coordination
    • Increase rotational strength and power

    Details: The TAP Rotational Core Builder is a conditioning tool excellent for a wide variety of functional exercises. Floor based, it can be used to target lower and upper body movement patterns. The TAP Rotational Core Builder trains the entire core area and develops the dynamic stability and balance needed to maintain control of the athlete's center of gravity once power levels increase. It is outstanding for developing stabilization with movements focused on the anti-rotator function of the core. The Rotational Core Builder is an ideal training device for improving explosive power. It offers means to train for hip rotation, lumbar stabilization, thoracic flexibility and shoulder range of motion as well as strength. Rotational Core Builder excercises can closely replicate rotation movements used in many sports. Additionally, a number of movements can be performed from a standing position more closely replicating the body position in competition. The Rotational Core Builder does not need to be bolted down and has a rubber skid resistance. Additionally, up to three Olympic plates can be added to the base to add stability. The pivoted sleeve is attached to the weighted base and an empty Olympic barbell - which IS included - can be placed in the sleeve. The sleeve is capable of 360 degree rotation. Exercises are accomplished while holding the bar and rotating/pivoting the bar from side to side or lifting/pressing. The Core Builder can be used with or without the "V" handle that it comes with. The included v-shaped handle can be added for different movement patters and increased difficutly. The base plate is approximately 21 inches by 21 inches and weighs 50 pounds. The pivoted sleve is 18 inches long; bar holder sleeve is for use with Olympic bars only. The included Olympic bar is 2 inches in diameter and is 60 inches long.

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