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    Suspenz Kayak Storage Rack, 2-Boat Free Standing Kayak, Canoe, SUP Rack, Yellow, 48" x 24"

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    Brand: Suspenz

    Color: Yellow


    • This Free-Standing kayak, canoe and SUP storage rack system holds 2 boats and can be expanded to hold up to 6 boats.
    • The original, patented "load-assist" & adjustable pivot arm, designed for easy single-person loading and unloading up to two Kayaks, Canoes, Fishing Kayaks, and Cargo Boxes!
    • SUPSENZ SUSPENSION STRAPS | This system conforms to the hull of the watercraft to eliminate pressure points, thereby protecting from distortion & other damage.
    • SAFETY STRAPS | Adjustable safety straps hold your boat securely in place
    • LEVELING FEET | Adjust for greater stability and secure storage rack with anchors (included).
    • LOAD CAPACITY: 125 lbs. per boat; WEIGHT OF (1) TOWER: 30 lbs
    • FOOTPRINT: 24" x 24" / Tower; WEIGHT: 30 lbs / Tower; HEIGHT: 52"
    • If you are missing any parts or need replacements, contact us directly and we will assist you from our Atlanta office.

    Details: The original, patented "load-assist" & adjustable pivot arm designed for easy single person loading and unloading up to two Kayaks, Canoes, Fishing Kayaks, and Cargo Boxes! Paddling sports experts agree the best way to store your boat is suspended on straps that conform to the hull. This is the philosophy upon which Suspenz designed our premium Suspension Strap System featured in the Founders Series. LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY All Suspenz products are covered against defects in material or workmanship to the original owner. Product must be used for its intended purpose under normal conditions. Under no circumstances will the manufacturer be responsible for damages or failures that occur as a result of improper assembly or failure to adjust and operate correctly (per manual). Any unauthorized alterations or improper assembly damage will void any warranty. Owner is responsible for shipping cost on all replacement parts. NOTE: Suspenz will only support replacement products or parts in the 48 contiguous states regarding shipping. If you are outside of the 48 contiguous states you will be responsible for shipping costs under the "defects in material or workmanship" warranty. RUST & PAINT WARRANTY Rust and paint issues are warrantied for 2 years from original purchase date and to the original owner. Owner is responsible for shipping cost on all replacement parts after 1 year. EXCLUSION: Products with steel as the base material will rust over time in Salt Water environments and not covered under the warranty.

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