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    Sunny Health & Fitness Springless Mini Fitness Trampoline – Premium Adjustable Bungee-Style Indoor/Outdoor Exercise Rebounder for Quieter and Safer Workouts (40”) - SF-S021048

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    Brand: Sunny Health & Fitness

    Color: Black


    • UNIQUE SQUARE DESIGN: Our trampoline is designed in a unique square shape to provide maximum rebound and jump space. Save floor space and enjoy your trampoline in any living space.
    • BUNGEE TENSION: This bungee trampoline has a quiet, low-impact bounce, and will help you get fit in the comfort of your own home. Its tension can be adjusted as needed if cords start to stretch with use.
    • SAFETY: No need to worry about metal springs, as the bungee cords provide a safer mechanism for jumping. Additionally, the side coverings protect you from stepping through any gaps on the side of your trampoline.
    • HIGH MAX JUMP TIME: The Exercise Trampoline is incredibly durable and has a long lifespan, so you will be enjoying your trampoline for many years to come.
    • ADJUSTABLE: Your trampoline’s bungee cords are adjustable to ensure the perfect amount of tension with each jump.
    • EASY ASSEMBLY: Minimal assembly is required; all you need to do is attach the legs of your trampoline and you are ready to go!
    • DURABLE: The sturdy, high-quality design allows for weight capacities of up to 285 lbs.
    • FITNESS APP EXPERIENCE: Download and join the SunnyFit community to access an array of free, professional trainer-led strength workouts and hundreds of other fitness programs. In the app, track your progress, set fitness goals, access personalized workout plans, and compete with other community members to get to the top of the leaderboard. Have any workout of your choice right at your fingertips, while also feeling supported and inspired as a member of this like-minded community.
    • SUNNY STATE OF MIND: In our 20 years of serving the fitness community, we have impacted the lives of over 10 million customers, and we are confident that our products are not only built to last but will also enable you to achieve your strength goals. Our vision and core mission are to stand beside you throughout your entire process. We enable you to enjoy your workouts with our products and our SunnyFit app which comes with over 300+ workouts taught by our certified Sunny Trainers.

    Details: The super sturdy Indoor & Outdoor Trampoline is great for athletes and entry-level trampoline enthusiasts alike. This bungee trampoline has a quiet, low-impact bounce, and will help you get fit in the comfort of your own home. With its quality build, ease of assembly, and its unique square, space-saving design, the Exercise Trampoline provides more bounce with each jump. The adjustable bungee cords can be tightened to your preferred tension level and comes with side coverings for user safety during those big jumps! Whether you're looking for a space-saving, fun addition to your home or just want to get healthy, this trampoline is the perfect add-on to your home gym.

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