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    Sunny Health & Fitness FITBOARD Premium 4D Vibration Plate Exercise Machine - Total Body Shaker Platform for Toning, Sculpting & Recovery - SF-VP822058

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    Brand: Sunny Health & Fitness

    Color: Black


    • Holistic Full Body Wellness: Step on this 4D vibration exercise machine to begin toning your muscles and make progress towards all your fitness goals. Elevate every workout you do from the platform, as full body vibrations encourage rapid muscle contraction and stabilization.
    • More Than Fat Burning: This portable vibration exercise machine helps improve muscular strength, energy expenditure, circulation, and bone density. The 4D vibration technology can also contribute to alleviating joint pain and recovery after a workout.
    • Full Control: Easily adjust your workout settings with a handy remote that comes included with the Fitboard. This allows you to fine-tune Fitboard's vibration intensity, workout time, and oscillation.
    • Durable Construction: This Fitboard is built using high quality steel, resilient plastic, and ductile rubber. All these materials ensure the strength and lasting qualities of this product.
    • Stable + Safe Design: The non-slip, rubber pad will help to provide a strong grip during long workouts. Suction cup stabilizers help maintain a steady workout, keeping your Fitboard grounded and set while in use.

    Details: Jump start your body's recovery with our new and improved Fitboard 4D Vibration Platform Exercise Machine! Designed with a compact form and quiet motor that's even more silent than its predecessor, the Fitboard will help you feel more rested and recovered after a hard workout. Through full-body vibrations, this machine mobilizes the body's built-in repair and recovery mechanisms by promoting efficient circulation and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle tissue. Enjoy the versatility and included features that help you customize your experience each time you step on the platform. These features include a digital monitor, 7 oscillation modes, 30 adjustable speed levels, 4D vibration technology, 3 user programs, and a remote control. Resistance bands included optionally.

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