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    STOZM Premium Cast Iron 1-inch Weight Plate - Set of 2.5lbs, 5lbs, 10lbs - Weight Plates for Strength Training, Conditioning Workouts, Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Crossfit, Blue, Black, Yellow

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    Brand: STOZM

    Color: Blue, Black, Yellow


    • Built with a solid cast iron & carefully finished with Electrostatic Powder Coating, STOZM Weight Plates are designed for high level performance to withstand highly repetitive usage. Safe and non-toxic to use (RoHS & REACH Testing)
    • Diameter hole 1 inch - STOZM barbell plate features a 1” diameter core hole designed to use with any standard barbells and dumbbells. Also, color-coded weight plates enable users to easily recognize & pick up the right weight effortlessly
    • Using advanced technology, STOZM Weight Plates are made with metal molds, which makes the plates are more weight-accurate & more refined than other cheap versions. Come with +/-3% of Weight Accuracy for your peace of mind
    • Wheel design with ergonomically enhanced patterns on the surface for maximized grips and indelible style; you are able to perform a range of compound and isolated movements effectively

    Details: "HEAVY DUTY STANDARD WEIGHT PLATES FOR LONG LASTING DURABILITY: Are you looking for weight plates to build a good garage/home gym? Look no further! Try out the best material you can find on the weight plate market: STOZM High-Quality Cast Iron Weight Plates are here for you. Get the best at the affordable price!DURABLE CONSTRUCTION & ERGONOMIC DESIGN: These STOZM Weight Plates are constructed with solid cast iron that lasts for a lifetime. The weight plate is design as a wheel to make user feel comfortable during use and give it a smart look as well. Applied high technology, our weight plates come with +/-3% of Weight Accuracy for your peace of mind.Moreover, the plates are covered with high quality vibrant colored Electrostatic Powder Coating for aesthetic look & rust, corrosion prevention. DIMENSIONS: Sold in set of 10 weight plates range from 2.5lbs, 5lbs, 10lbs. Plate Dimensions (width/thickness)- 2.5lb - 5"/0.7"- 5lb – 6.1"/0.8"- 10lb – 7.5"/1.25"All the plates feature 1” hole, making them compatible with standard barbells.IDEAL VERSATILE TRAINING EQUIPMENT: Using weight plates alone allows you to perform weighted sit-ups, bent-over rows, squats, lunges, and presses. You can do endless exercises such as deadlifts, curls, bench presses & other weight-lifting exercises to build up strength tone up the whole body.WHAT MAKES US SPECIAL? - Cast Iron - The best material on the market reinforces the plates for high rep use- Advanced technology: +/-3.

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