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    Storage Rack Solutions Outdoor or Indoor Wall Mounted Kayak Rack, SUP Rack, Canoe Rack - Stackable 4 Rack (for Canoes)

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    Brand: Storage Rack Solutions


    • ATTENTION CANADIAN CUSTOMERS: Visit amazon.ca to purchase this product and have it shipped to Canada.
    • BIG CAPACITY: For Storing Any Combination of 1, 2, 3 or 4 Kayaks, SUPs or Canoes. If you really want a storage rack that will not let your water toy or you down, then the Storage Rack Solutions Wall Mounted Canoe, SUP or Kayak Rack with 1-4 Unit Storage capability is for you.
    • USE ANYWHERE: Your Kayak Rack, Canoe Rack or SUP Rack Solution can be used indoors or outdoors. Use it in your garage, boat house, or on your deck. Therefore you're not limited to just your garage. You can also put this rack on your deck, your boathouse, on a wall or a post.
    • VERSATILITY: Maintenance Free, Extremely Durable. Making this unit an optimal outdoor kayak storage rack
    • 100 PERCENT RECYCLED PLASTIC MATERIALS: You can feel good about buying this Indoor or Outdoor Kayak Rack, Canoe Rack or SUP Rack because it is environmentally friendly!
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