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    STARTSMART Shark Deterrent Inflatable SUP, 10'6" Sharkmate Ultra-Light Stand Up Paddle Board, Adjustable Paddle, Double Action Pump, ISUP Travel Bag, Leash, for Padding Adult

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    • COMPLETE PADDLEBOARD KIT: Comes with all essential paddle board accessories, including removable fins, repair kit, 3-piece aluminum paddle, paddle board pump, and backpack carrying bag. Board features include EVA foam deck pad, bungee straps, grab handles, and 250 lb capacity.
    • SHARK REPELLENT TECH: For peace of mind, the contrasting blue and white stripes on the bottom of the board disrupt a shark’s vision making them less likely to confuse you for a seal or other prey. The stripes also mimic various venomous seasnakes and fish which sharks know not to eat.
    • MOST POPULAR iSUP: The most versatile board for all-around, top-rated fun. The stylish design makes this a great beginner paddleboard for adults and riders of all sizes who are looking for a versatile board. This shape is perfect for both flat water (lakes, ponds, etc), river runs, small ocean surf performance, and everything in between. With room for cargo, pets, and kids!
    • DURABLE AND HIGH QUALITY: Run it over with your vehicle, throw it off the roof or ram it into rocks or a pier; Constructed with military-grade PVC making this board rigid enough for all paddle board activities and durable enough to last. This wide stance inflatable paddle board is six inches thick helping you stay balanced while you're paddle boarding.
    • LIGHT WEIGHT & EASY TO MANEUVER: The 10'6" model is a lightweight 24 lbs when inflated and the wide deck ensures standing stability for fishing, yoga, and family activities; grooved, EVA traction deck pad adds comfort for additional rider or dog, plus room for equipment; Up to 250 lb. weight capacity. Great for men, women, and teens.

    UPC: 072921535190
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