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    Stamina Elite Wave Water Rowing Machine Foldable Rower w/ Fitness Coaching App, No Subscription Required - Wireless Heart Rate Monitor Included - Rowing Machines for Home Use

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    Brand: Stamina

    Color: Black


    • ADJUSTABLE WATER RESISTANCE: Water resistance feels and sounds like rowing on the water. Enjoy a dynamic rowing stroke with infinite resistance levels. Row harder to up the intensity or ease off for less. Add or remove water to the tank to alter the baseline resistance level.
    • WIRELESS HEART RATE MONITOR: This water rower machine has been upgraded with a high-end fitness monitor and chest strap heart rate sensor that syncs wirelessly with the monitor.
    • PROGRAM CUSTOM WORKOUTS: Program custom workouts on your water row machine like target calories, target heart rate, and more. You can also follow along with pre-programmed interval routines. Attach the included chest strap to wirelessly track your target heart rate.
    • FITNESS COACHING APP: This rower machine for home includes access to muuv, the all-in-one workout app that offers personalized training and a step-by-step assembly video. Follow along with our muuv trainers for personalized workouts, coaching and motivation. No subscription required.
    • COMFORT ELEMENTS: This water rower rowing machine includes pivoting footplates with adjustable straps and ring grips, ergonomic seat and a padded rowing handle. The frame can be folded and rolled out of the way to save space.
    • Rower machine has been upgraded with a high-end fitness monitor and chest strap heart rate sensor that syncs wirelessly with the monitor
    • Wave Water resistance feels and sounds like rowing on the water with resistance that provides a dynamic rowing stroke with infinite resistance levels
    • Other features include: siphon for filling and removing water from reservoir; wide, molded seat for comfort; ball-bearing rollers for smooth seat gliding; steel rowing beam for smoother rowing; and padded, textured rowing handle for better grip
    • Also boasts adjustable-length footplates that can accommodate a wide range of foot sizes, adjustable foot straps with quick-adjust loops to easily secure feet, folding frame for storage with wheels for transport, and leveling end caps with dial to ensure stability
    • Water rowing machine dimensions: 85.35 L x 20.25 W x 32.75 H / Weight: 89 pounds

    Details: An Upgraded Water Rowing Experience The Stamina Elite Wave Water Rowing Machine includes an upgraded, high-end fitness monitor and a chest strap heart rate sensor. Programmed to sync seamlessly with the multi-function monitor, the data this sensor provides allows you to tailor your workout. For example, you can target a certain heart rate for weight loss or increase endurance by adjusting your rowing speed and therefore, your rowing intensity. In addition to pulse, the multi-function monitor tracks distance, time, calories burned, stroke count and strokes per minute. True, Tranquil Rowing Instead of air or hydraulic resistance, this Stamina rowing machine water rower emulates actual rowing with lifelike water resistance. The paddles glide through the water housed in the reservoir, making the rowing stroke smooth from start to finish. Like rowing on a body of water, the resistance increases infinitely the faster you row. Different stroke speeds and intensities vary water motion, resulting in realistic water resonance. Add or remove water using the included siphon to either increase or decrease the resistance. Stay secure during your workout with the adjustable straps, foot plates and quick adjust loops. The wide, molded rowing seat and padded handle keep you comfortable. Smart, Connected Fitness This row machines for home includes free access to müüv, the smart audio coaching app. müüv helps you move 500+ minutes per month with the right mix of cardio, strength, and flexibility for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. You'll get smart audio coaching that is personalized to you, progresses for you, and is fun to do. The all-in-one app comes with a follow-along assembly video, personalized workouts tailored to the equipment you own, and an ad-free music listening experience from iHeartRadio. Download the müüv app on the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.

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