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    Spare Air 600 Package - Original Mini Scuba Tank - 6 cu ft - Made in USA - DOT Marked Tank with Holster, Leash, Refill Adapter

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    Spare Air


    Spare Air 600 Package


    • YOUR SAFETY SECURED: The Spare Air Emergency Tank was created after its inventor had a close call running out of air and barely escaping to the surface in time. With this simple backup tank you can ensure you'll always have enough air to return.
    • SIMPLE TO USE: The Spare Air system is designed to be simple so you can access your backup air any time. This refillable cylinder can be handed off to a fellow diver in trouble and begin providing nitrox oxygen in a moment's notice.
    • LOW PROFILE TANK: With it's small size and simple holster system this tank is out of the way when diving but easily accessible when you need it. It's 13.4" tall and has a 3.25" diameter. Weighing just 3.7lbs when full you can ignore this mini tank until you need it.
    • EVERYTHING YOU NEED: This black anodized aluminum scuba tank comes with a black holster that attaches easily to your dive gear, a leash to prevent accidental loss, and a refill adapter to fill air off of scuba tanks. This package has all the equipment you need to dive with added safety.
    • ALWAYS RETURN WITH AIR TO SPARE: After barely avoiding a catastrophe when he ran out of air on a dive Larry Williamson patented the Spare Air mini backup tank for divers. Spare Air has been ensuring safety for over 40 years with American made scuba tanks.

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