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    Spare Air 3.0CF Package Scuba Divers Dial Gauge Upgrade, Fill Adapter, Holster, Leash - Yellow

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    Spare Air




    • * Easy to travel with! Easy to refill! Easy to wear! Easy to hand off to a fellow diver in trouble!
    • * High performance on-demand scuba regulator with a 3.0 cubic foot - 3000 psi tank, dial pressure gauge, fill adapter, holster, and leash
    • * Dial Gauge Upgrade instead of the standard Pin Style Pressure Indicator Assembly
    • * Deluxe Holster for easy mounting so you can easily reach it underwater.... Safety leash to prevent accidental loss allowing for quick retrieval if you drop your Spare Air. Quickly attaches or detaches for added safety
    • * Submersible Systems (Spare Air) has been in business over 40 years, sold over 300,000 units and made in the USA.

    UPC: 673424276247
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