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    SOWUNO Bicycle Electric Horn Rechargeable Bike Alarm Black

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    • High-Decibel Bicycle Horn: The electric scooter accessories is a 126db high-decibel horn with large vibration & anti-theft alarm; the sound of the electric horn is the same as the horn of a motorcycle, many decibels higher than the horn of a bicycle, it can be a very good warning to those careless car drivers; At the same time it can also act as a motorcycle alarm horn
    • Anti-Theft Wireless Alarm System: If a thief touches or pushes the bike, the alarm will emit a rapid and continuous loud alarm when it is shaken; the locking and unlocking are controlled by the equipped remote control, and the remote control distance is more than 30m; the large capacity of 1600mAH can exceed Long standby time
    • One-Click Bicycle Search: When your bicycle is parked in a large parking lot, you can use the equipped remote control to click the bell button, and the bike alarm will emit super decibels to help you quickly find the bicycle
    • High-Quality Material: Loud bicycle alarm bell is made of aluminum alloy, hard & firm, beautiful and exquisite in appearance, easy to install; bike bells is waterproof design, can be used in rainy days, and is durable;This bicycle bell is suitable for mountain bike, road bike, folding bike scooters motorcycle etc
    • Highlight Combination: The bike alarm horn is equipped with a mounting bracket, 2 replacement remote controls, a USB charging cable, 2 sizes of screws (freely adjustable), a mini wrench, a cable tie, and 2 spacers and instructions to satisfy you all usage requirements


    The SOWUNO 126Db Bicycle Electric Horn is a powerful and versatile accessory for your bike. With its high-decibel horn and anti-theft alarm, it ensures your safety on the road. Emitting a sound similar to that of a motorcycle horn, it serves as a strong warning to careless drivers. The wireless alarm system activates when the bike is shaken or tampered with, emitting a loud and continuous alarm. With a remote control distance of over 30m, you can easily lock and unlock your bike. The horn also doubles as a helpful feature for locating your bike in crowded parking lots. Made of durable aluminum alloy, the horn is waterproof and suitable for various bike types, including mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, scooters, and motorcycles. The package includes a mounting bracket, replacement remote controls, a USB charging cable, screws in different sizes, a mini wrench, a cable tie, and spacers, providing all the necessary elements for easy installation and usage.

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