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    Slime Bike Tube Flat Protectors and Liners Lightweight, fits 12-26 x 1.5″-2.125″, Flat Proof for 2 Tires

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    • Tube protectors, or tire liners, are designed to protect your bike tires from punctures
    • Installs easily between the tube and tire to offer powerful puncture protection
    • Provides physical barrier to block nails, thorns, and other debris
    • New liners are now 17 percent lighter and 27 percent stronger
    • One size fits most tire sizes: 12-26 x 1.5″-2.125″


    Keep your bike tires protected from pesky punctures with the Slime 20074 Bike Tube Flat Protectors and Liners. These lightweight tube protectors are designed to easily install between the tube and tire, offering powerful puncture protection. With a physical barrier that blocks nails, thorns, and other debris, you can ride worry-free knowing your tires are safe. The new liners are now 17 percent lighter and 27 percent stronger, providing enhanced durability and performance. Suitable for most tire sizes ranging from 12-26 x 1.5"-2.125", these flat proof protectors are a must-have for any avid cyclist.

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