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    Skill Attack Volleyball Machine, an Individual Training Tool for Serve Receive, Defensive and Attacking Drills

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    Brand: Sports Attack

    Color: grey, black


    • The Skill Attack Volleyball Machine elevates to a ball release point of 5 ft. 3 in.
    • Speeds range from soft sets to 40+ MPH serves- and everything in between
    • Thousands of individual athletes as well as middle school, high school and club teams rely on it to deliver thousands of reps in daily practice
    • Extremely portable, fits into the trunk of any car, fits through standard doorway
    • Five year limited warranty

    Details: The Skill Attack is the perfect individual volleyball training tool with a ball release point of over 5 ft., not from floor level like other volleyball machines. This small, agile unit can easily and quickly be rolled anywhere on the court or in your backyard or garage. It offers a full range of spins to deliver every type of drill including serves with either sharp downspins or breaking floaters; accurate and consistent soft sets with no spin at any angle and height; and digging drills from the same side of the net with power and accuracy. The Skill Attack will support the following drills: Serves: A full range of spins is provided, throwing both sharp top spins and breaking floaters to simulate match situations. The machine can also be easily rolled along the serving baseline, changing the angle of serves. Spiking: The Skill Attack training machine is great for digging drills on the same side of the net. Setting: Rapid reps with varying intervals will meet the requirements of any setting drill. Accurate and consistent soft sets with no spin are provided at any angle and height. Portability: Locking casters provide instant mobility on the court and stability during use. Storage: The Skill Attack fits through any standard door for safe storage. Machines can be safely operated by any assistant coach, player, student or parent. This unit will break down instantly for easy transportation; it will fit in the trunk of any car.

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