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    Seamax Aluminium Portable Boat Dolly Set with Handle - Newest Version

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    • The new Seamax boat hand dolly is made by strong aluminium. Dolly Payload 250 Lbs for boat and motor. Suggested tire air pressure is 15 PSI, max 20 PSI. It is good for an inflatable boat up to 13ft, an aluminum or fiberglass boat up to 14ft, and a small sail boat up to 15ft.
    • Optional hitch attachment is available for off-road towing with an ATV, golf cart, and other utility vehicle. Max towing speed is 10km / hour. It is great for launching your boat to the water quickly. 10 minutes to assemble or disassemble. This product has been selling to many many places including sail club or yacht club.
    • Tire inflation: Dolly tires may not be fully inflated when shipping. Give only 15-20 PSI max air pressure in room temperature before using. Best to use portable type digital control air pump to avoid over inflation issue.
    • The boat hand dolly is suitable for many use cases. For example, carry your boat from the parking lot to the boat launching lane in a park. Carry your boat from your backyard to the water. Move your boat within the yacht club or sail club. Users shall check the max pay load (250 Lbs) and speed (10 KM/Hour) requirements. The boat hand dolly is NOT for regular road / highway use. Boat hand dolly user cannot tow this hand dolly on the road or highway by vehicle for any of purposes.
    • Wash it with fresh water after every use from salt water or sandy beach. Check tire pressure before every using. Do NOT store the wheels directly under the sun or beside any heat source to extend its usable longevity. Repaint and lubricate the dolly system when necessary. Keep the bolts, lock pin on the dolly. 30 days free replacement on any defective parts. Product Available on Dec,2020


    The Seamax Newest Version Aluminium Portable Boat Carry and Launching Hand Dolly Set with Handle is a versatile and reliable tool for boat owners. Made with strong aluminum, this dolly has a payload capacity of 250 lbs, making it suitable for boats and motors of various sizes. It is compatible with inflatable boats up to 13ft, aluminum or fiberglass boats up to 14ft, and small sailboats up to 15ft. With an optional hitch attachment, it can be towed off-road with an ATV, golf cart, or other utility vehicle, allowing for quick and easy boat launching. The dolly can be assembled or disassembled in just 10 minutes, making it convenient to transport and store. Designed for use in parks, yacht clubs, and sail clubs, it is perfect for moving boats from parking lots to launching lanes or from backyards to the water. It is important to note that the boat hand dolly is not suitable for regular road or highway use and should not be towed on the road by a vehicle. To ensure its longevity, it is recommended to wash it with fresh water after each use, check tire pressure regularly, and avoid exposing the wheels to direct sunlight or heat sources. With a 30-day free replacement guarantee on any defective parts, this dolly offers both performance and peace of mind. Available in December 2020.

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