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    SCHUCK KunTeng KT-D12 Pedal Assist System Waterproof Easy to Install Detachable Electric Bicycle Modification Accessories WP

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    • If you turn the pedal during use, the pedal assist sensor does not work, 1. Please adjust the pedal auxiliary sensor parameters through the display 2.Adjust the position of the magnetic block to the sensor to control the distance between 3-5 mm. (please consult customer service or refer to the display manual for specific parameters).
    • Advantages and features: D12 pedal assist sensor has many advantages such as small size, light weight, durability, shock resistance, corrosion resistance, and dust resistance. Compared with the same type of pedal assist sensor, D12 is easier to install and the sensor is more sensitive.
    • Easy to install: Unlike other pedal assist sensors, D12 installation does not need to remove the crank.
    • Excellent quality: made of high-quality materials, fine processing and precise assembly. It is suitable for almost all electric bicycles on the market.
    • Convenient logistics: We have joined the FBA program, so you can receive the goods faster.


    The SCHUCK KunTeng KT-D12 Pedal Assist System is a must-have accessory for electric bicycle enthusiasts. This waterproof and detachable modification offers an easy installation process that doesn't require crank removal. The D12 pedal assist sensor boasts small size, light weight, and impressive durability, making it resistant to shocks, corrosion, and dust. With its precise assembly and high-quality materials, this sensor ensures optimal performance for almost all electric bicycles on the market. Plus, with our convenient logistics through the FBA program, you'll receive your product faster than ever. Upgrade your electric bicycle with the SCHUCK KunTeng KT-D12 Pedal Assist System and enhance your riding experience.

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