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    RUXELY Bike Light Front and Back USB-C Rechargeable Super Bright Flashing Head Rear Light Waterproof LED Battery Indicator Bicycle Lamp Headlight Taillight for Rider Road Mountain Cycling Night Riding

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    • (Light is might. Might can be light) With a weight of mere 1.5 oz, these bike lights offer up to 36 hours of usage time (See user manual for battery life under different modes), on par with the stamina of traditional heavyweight lights yet without their clumsiness. The type-c port charging design also makes the power supply for these lights almost ubiquitous so that you don’t have to make a fuss to be lit up.
    • (Snap-on Design for Snappy Installation) Snap the lights into their groove like you are buttoning your shirt and rotate the lights to the angle you wish to rock before attaching them to the desired places of your bike (the handles, the rear of the seats). All in one smooth move. Foolproof and tool-free.
    • (Brace for the Night with the Right Light) The front light can fire out white beams up to 350 lumens and the back light can easily create warning flash with red beams of up to 50 lumens and its various modes. These lights are your ultimate weapon in your fight with the night. Pierce through the darkness with the adequate brightness just by a press of a button.
    • (Weather Through the Dark Regardless of the Weather) With waterproof capability up to IP65 certification, these lights stand tall against all the contrary weather conditions during a night bike stroll. Premium Poly-carbonate plastic also gives these lights the edge against brute force from falling and crashing.
    • (All-terrain Functionality to Boost Your Visibility) Need to see far? The high beam will extend your sight by a distance that will blow you away. Need to call attention to yourself in an emergency situation? Flash mode might just be the attraction you can create. Whatever scene you might find yourself in, there’s always a mode you’ll find useful from a dozen of modes these lights offer (Scroll down to see how each mode is activated).


    The RUXELY Bike Light Front and Back is a must-have for all avid cyclists. With its lightweight design and long battery life of up to 36 hours, these lights provide the perfect balance between power and convenience. The snap-on design allows for easy installation, while the adjustable angle ensures optimal visibility. The front light emits white beams of up to 350 lumens, while the back light produces red warning flashes of up to 50 lumens. With various modes to choose from, you can easily adapt to different situations on the road. These lights are also waterproof and durable, making them suitable for any weather conditions. Whether you need to see far ahead or attract attention in an emergency, the RUXELY Bike Light Front and Back has got you covered.

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