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    Run Wave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 11'*33''*6''/10.6'*34''*6'' Non-Slip Deck with SUP Accessories

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    Brand: Run Wave


    • №1 Superior Material and Maneuverability - Made of high quality PVC Material, lightweight and high-intensity. We use the toughest drop stitch materials in the industry. High-intensity layer specifically manufactured for superior air holding.
    • №2 Inflatable and Portable - Easy inflates and deflates for only 5 minutes. With a simple roll, you can take it wherever you want to go, whether it’s a lake or sea, throw it into your truck, and take it to play.
    • №3 Non-slip Top Deck - Unique Non-slip pattern provides nice performance for beginners. Runwave Foot Leash makes it safe to surf and avoids the lost of you paddle board.
    • №4 Wide SUP Design - Run wave stand up paddle board improves stability and balance while standing.
    • №5 Complete SUP accessories - Every Runwave paddle board comes with a backpack, foot leash, high pressure pump, three fins, paddle and repair accessories kit and instruction.

    Details: ※ Advanced Dropstitch technology, While ensuring the strength and flexibility, it reduces the weight of the product. ※ High quality PVC material, lightweight and high-intensity. The paddle board will not be damaged even if it hits the reef under the water. ※ Wide standing space provides stability and balance while standing. Easy for using for beginners. ※ Equipped with a high-pressure pump, it only takes five minutes to complete the restart process of the paddle board. ※ Non-slip pattern, Even if wet by water, the anti-slip performance is still excellent. ※ Floating paddle and safety leash. If you accidentally slip off the paddle board, the foot leash can connect you and the paddle board to prevent the paddle board from being lost and the floating paddle will not sink into the water. Dimension: ※ 11'×33''×6'' / 10.6''*34''*6'' ※ Weight capacity:160KG(352LB)

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