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    Rocna Stainless Steel Anchor 44 lbs, 20 kg, One

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    • Rocna's legendary Kiwi design, leading the way in next generation anchoring
    • Stainless Steel
    • The best multi-purpose anchor that sets in all ocean floors
    • Instant set, self launching, rock solid holding power and resistant to wind and tide shifts
    • For vessels of all sizes, from small runabouts to super yachts


    The Rocna ROCORG020SS Stainless Steel Anchor is a top-of-the-line anchoring solution designed by Rocna, a renowned brand in the industry. This anchor, weighing 44 lbs (20 kg), features Rocna's legendary Kiwi design, setting the standard for next-generation anchoring. Made from durable stainless steel, it offers exceptional performance in all ocean floors. With its instant set and self-launching capabilities, combined with rock-solid holding power, this anchor ensures your vessel stays securely in place, even in challenging conditions such as wind and tide shifts. Suitable for boats of all sizes, from small runabouts to super yachts, the Rocna Stainless Steel Anchor is the ultimate choice for reliable and efficient anchoring.

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