Rapid Release RRT-PRO2 Targeted High Speed Vibration Massager 120V

Rapid Release

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Details: Looking for an all-natural solution? We've got you covered with quick, comfortable and proven therapy sessions that will loosen up your tight muscles and give you relief from your minor aches and pains. Get your move on with Rapid Release - whether it's that five-mile run, a long walk with your dog, planting this year's garden or going dancing with your friends. Rapid Release operates at a frequency 2 to 3 times faster than other vibration therapy devices* Combining the high frequency with a very small stroke delivers just enough energy while keeping treatments gentle enough to work on a wide variety of minor aches and pains. Based on customer feedback, we feel that we have achieved the optimum combination for results that are in a class by themselves. *based on Manufacturer data Pain Treatment: Work out the pain and mobility issues that hold you back. Or use Rapid Release to relax tight muscles and relieve minor aches and pains so you can stick with your everyday routine: keeping fit, loose and ready for action. Rapid Release treatment sessions last only minutes and can fit proven pain therapy into any busy schedule. The Rapid Release Pro2 is embraced by chiropractors, athletic trainers, massage therapists and other practitioners. Professional sports organizations including teams in the MLB, NFL, NBA, PGA, Olympics and more purchased the Pro2. How effective is it? 85% of Practitioners got results with Rapid Release Therapy that they had never achieved before, and 91% of them reported using the Pro2 in their practice everyday! The Pro2 delivers powerful, pain-relieving, tension-removing, revitalizing vibration therapy with five built-in treatment surfaces, each creating a different effect. The Pro2 works at the fast rate of 10,000 RPM!

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