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    Pure X Pool Cue Stick - Low Deflection Technology w/Kamui Black Tip. 12.75mm or 11.75mm Skinny Shaft HXT72 (19, 12.75mm - Standard)

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    Pure X


    • Pure X HXT Low Deflection technology shaft
    • Premium 10 layer Kamui Black tip combined with 1” high-tech lightweight polymer core ferrule for a drastic reduction in deflection
    • Lifetime Warranty including warpage - No registration needed
    • Adjustable weight
    • Sleek wrapless handle


    The Purex Pool Cue Stick is a high-quality cue designed for professional and recreational players alike. It features the revolutionary Pure X HXT Low Deflection technology shaft, which ensures precision and accuracy in every shot. With a premium 10 layer Kamui Black tip and a 1" high-tech lightweight polymer core ferrule, this cue offers a drastic reduction in deflection, allowing for precise control and improved performance. The cue comes with a lifetime warranty, including warpage, and no registration is needed. The adjustable weight feature allows you to customize the cue's balance to suit your playing style. With its sleek wrapless handle, the Purex Pool Cue Stick combines style and functionality for an exceptional playing experience.

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