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    Pure X Classic HXT Low Deflection Pool Shaft Black Collar

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    Pure X


    Black Collar


    • 12.75mm Kamui Black soft tip; This 10-layer laminated pigskin tip from Japan is preferred by billiard pros because it holds shape longer than even premium layered leather and plays extremely uniform - so your shot is the same no matter where you hit
    • 1" Zero Flexpoint low deflection ferrule is engineered to be drastically lighter than standard - giving you pinpoint accuracy with solid feedback on every shot
    • Solid Maple construction for a classic feel and rock solid hit
    • Full professional taper for a smooth stroke
    • Lifetime warranty, even against warpage


    The Purex 12.75mm Classic HXT Pool Shaft with Low Deflection Technology is a must-have for billiard enthusiasts. Featuring a sleek black collar, this shaft is not only visually appealing but also offers exceptional performance. With a 12.75mm Kamui Black soft tip, preferred by billiard pros, you can expect longer-lasting shape and consistent play. The 1" Zero Flexpoint low deflection ferrule provides pinpoint accuracy and solid feedback on every shot. Crafted from solid maple, this shaft offers a classic feel and a rock-solid hit. The full professional taper ensures a smooth stroke, allowing you to perfect your game. Additionally, this shaft comes with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing its quality and durability, even against warpage. Elevate your billiard experience with the Purex 12.75mm Classic HXT Pool Shaft.

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