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    ProsourceFit Olympic Barbell Multipurpose Weight Lifting Bar, 160k PSI for Men (7ft)

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    Brand: ProsourceFit

    Color: Multi


    • MULTIPURPOSE - Barbells are ideal for strength & power training, weightlifting & commercial or home gyms
    • DURABLE STEEL – 160k PSI steel bar with phosphate finish & chrome sleeves for durability and rust-prevention
    • OLYMPIC STANDARD SIZE BARS - Men’s: 44lb, 86.6” long, 28mm diameter. Women’s: 33lb, 79.13” long, 25mm diameter
    • SMOOTH SPIN - Sleeves fit standard bumper plates and provide the right spin for exercises like cleans & snatches
    • KNURL – Standard medium diamond knurl provides a secure grip with a smooth knurl-free center that is easy on back & hands

    Details: Are you building your garage gym or own a fitness studio? No training space is com-plete without barbells for big lifts. Whether you’re a CrossFit fan, power lifter, or just try-ing to lose weight, a barbell is one of the best investments you can make for strong muscles and functional fitness. Get a total body workout with just one lifting bar by per-forming squats, back rows, chest and shoulder presses, deadlifts, shrugs, and more. ProSource barbells are uniquely designed for both men and women (larger bar is for men) with multiple purposes in mind, from standard squats to Olympic lifts to CrossFit workouts. Moderate knurl has dual marks to guide your hand position for Olympic or power lifts, and a smooth center without knurl is easy on hands and back. The 160k PSI steel bars are both finished with black phosphate finish for durability, rust-protection, and a polished look. Chrome sleeves (12.5” on women’s bars, 16.25” on men’s) with bearings provide a smooth rotation for easy movement of the bar to allow for heavy exercises like cleans and snatches. Standard bumper plates fit these barbells so you can continue to increase and adjust the weight for increased strength and stamina. Limited lifetime warranty is included so you can purchase confidently. Train like a pro, train with ProSource!

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