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    Priority Culture Kayaks with Foot Pump Portable Inflatable Kayak Canoe Suitable for Going Out to Sea, Fishing, and Playing On The Coast Suitable for 4-5 People (Color : Blue, Size : 330140cm)

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    Brand: Priority Culture

    Color: Blue


    • 🚤【Comfortable Kayaking】: In this sunny weather, do you want to travel with your friends? Our sports kayaks are compact and convenient when folded, which is very suitable for you to go out to sea, fish or play on the coast with your friends. The base is enlarged to enhance the stability and comfort in the water, and it can hold 538kg firmly.
    • 🚤【Three Air-Chambers】: Unlike other kayaks on the market, our 2 independent air chambers + brushed bottom air chamber can fully protect your safety. If one is damaged during driving, the other two air chambers will not be affected. Even if there is only one air chamber left in the water, you can still be safely transported to the shore.
    • 🚤 【High quality Brushed bottom】: The brushed bottom is soft in the deflated state and can be folded at will. It takes up very little space and is convenient for you to go out and carry. After being filled with air, the hardness is very high, there is no sense of sunken feeling when stepping on, and you can stand and walk when the water surface is stable.
    • 🚤【Thick material kayak】: The hull is made of new environmentally friendly materials, and the thickened mesh structure is very stable. The four corners of the kayak are reinforced with PVC material, which makes the hull resistant to wear and collision. Even if it hits a stone during driving, it will not be damaged.
    • 🚤【Easy to inflate】: Align one end of the air inlet pipe thread with the air outlet, turn the air inlet clockwise, take out the adapter, insert it into the air inlet pipe, press the button in the middle of the air inlet valve, and then rotate it clockwise to make it pop out. Insert the connected adapter into the air valve and tighten it clockwise, then step on the air pump until it is full.

    Details: The kayak is full of sportiness and has a streamlined design for easy paddling. The bright blues and grays make the kayak very eye-catching in the water. This sports series kayak is very suitable for experiencing lakes, oceans and gentle rivers. It is light and compact, easy to assemble and easy to carry. The thickened material and three air chambers ensure your safety.Suggest:When a person gets on the boat, the boat should be closer to the body, with one leg directly on the bottom of the boat, and the other leg to board the boat quickly to avoid accidents. When there are many people, you can let others hold the hull first, and when the last person gets on the boat, the people on the boat can pull it onto the boat.After receiving it, it is recommended to inflate it at home for 24 hours, confirm that there is no problem and use it in the water. If there is any problem, please contact us in time.✅【Product details】:★Product name: Kayaks / Inflatable Kayak / 2 Person Kayak / Canoe / Inflatable Canoe★Commodity color: Blue★Product material: PVC, New environmentally friendly material★Product size: 330*140cm/130*55inches★Can bear: 538kg★Package: large foot pump*1, special repair kit*1, portable bag*1, traction rope*1, fishing seat*2, safety rope*1, adjustable seat board*2, luxurious universal aluminum Alloy paste*2, drawing bottom*1, manual*1★Applicable scenarios: Go out to sea, fishing, rescue, skiing, etc.✅【Prompt】:★We only sell kayaks, the others are props.★The brushed bottom needs to be installed when the hull is half inflated, and then inflated to saturation. After deflation, you can use the air pump inlet to suck up the air in the hull and make it easier to fold.★The product size error is as small as 1-3 cm. Please refer to the actual product, please understand.★There may be slight chromatic aberration due to physical factors such as light, camera color and light.★Our p

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