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    Players HXTP5 PureX Technology Jump/Break Cue Gunmetal 21-Ounce Black

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    • Four quick-release joints for 5 jump / break combinations
    • Pure Xbreak shaft is tough enough to stand up to your most powerful shot - and handles finesse shots like a dream
    • Super-hard XLG Quad Face tip with extended sweet spot and virtually indestructible
    • Carbon Fiber Impact System for increased stiffness and strength
    • MZ Grip wrap with three distinct traction zones to handle any kind of shot you throw at it


    The Players HXTP5 PureX Technology Jump/Break Cue is a high-performance cue designed for serious players. With its sleek gunmetal design, this cue is not only stylish but also built to last. It features four quick-release joints, allowing you to switch between five different jump/break combinations effortlessly. The Pure Xbreak shaft is incredibly durable, able to withstand even your most powerful shots, while still offering exceptional finesse when needed. The cue also boasts a super-hard XLG Quad Face tip, providing an extended sweet spot and exceptional durability. The Carbon Fiber Impact System enhances the cue's stiffness and strength, ensuring consistent performance. Additionally, the MZ Grip wrap offers three distinct traction zones, allowing you to handle any type of shot with confidence. Elevate your game with the Players HXTP5 PureX Technology Jump/Break Cue.

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