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    Pamiers LED Underwater Fishing Light AC 110V 500W Green

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    AC 110V 500W Green


    • Powerful underwater fishing lamp, 110V500W,756 pcs led high power diodes, 130lm/w;100 meters deepth ip68 waterproof, strong light exposure area diameter is not less than 40 meters, customers' sea boat fishing fishing essential
    • With remote brightness adjustment function: waterproof and anti-electric, increase generator endurance; In the early stage, the maximum strong light is opened to attract fish in a large range, and the later stage is lowered to facilitate fishing. It can be flexibly controlled according to the preference of light effection of fish
    • Total fishing solution: standard 15m/49ft cable green/white/blue/yellow/ red, 5 colors avaiable to choose ; matching white overwater fishing lamps , the best fishing effection
    • Suitable to use in the fresh water and salt water , sea fishing , ice fishing , commercial boat fishing , farm salmon fishing . farm sardines fishing , aquaculture of aquatic algae farming , luring squid , hairtail and shrimp many fishes
    • More products : 500w~2000w,AC Series 和DC Series , color , cable length and other customized products , please contact the online service


    The PAMIERS LED Underwater Fishing Light is a powerful and essential tool for sea boat fishing. With 756 high power diodes and a light exposure area diameter of at least 40 meters, this fishing lamp attracts fish quickly and effectively. The remote brightness adjustment function allows for flexible control, ensuring the perfect lighting effect to attract fish. Designed with a waterproof and anti-electric feature, this fishing light increases generator endurance. It comes with a standard 15m cable and is available in five different colors. Suitable for both fresh and saltwater fishing, this underwater light is perfect for various fishing scenarios, including sea fishing, ice fishing, commercial boat fishing, and more. For more options and customized products, please contact our online service.

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