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    OUTLAW OL24 Cherry Pool Cue - Cherry Stained Maple with Branded Spade - 19oz Black

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    • TIP: 13mm 7 layered leather.
    • SHAFT: 29" Hardrock maple 10-12" Pro Taper.
    • FOREARM: Cherry Stained Maple with Branded Spade.
    • WRAP: Black Stacked Leather.
    • BUTT SLEEVE: Cherry stained maple with branded 8 and barbs.


    The OUTLAW OL24 Cherry Pool Cue combines superior craftsmanship with a sleek design. This 19oz cue features a cherry stained maple forearm with a branded spade, creating a visually appealing and unique look. The 13mm 7 layered leather tip provides optimal ball control, while the 29" hardrock maple shaft with a 10-12" pro taper enhances your shot accuracy. The black stacked leather wrap offers a comfortable and secure grip, ensuring a steady and confident stroke. The cherry stained maple butt sleeve with branded 8 and barbs adds a touch of sophistication to this high-quality pool cue. Elevate your game and make a statement with the OUTLAW OL24 Cherry Pool Cue.

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