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    Opaltool Electric Bike Throttle Grip with LED Display and Power Key Locker Accelerator

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    • 【Universal Voltage】It fit for 12-84V electric bike or scooters, can identify voltage automatically, timely indicating. (12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V electric vehicles can be used directly, part of the 84V electric vehicles can also be used.)
    • 【Auto Identify】Automatic to identification electric vehicles' voltage under 100V, universal used and real-time display.
    • 【Easy to Use】By turning the real-time voltage value can accurately determine the judge the quality of lithium battery.
    • 【Wide Application】The throttle grips is suitable for electric bike, scooter , tricycle, and other electric vehicle.
    • 【Note】To avoid traveling on the way without electricity, please judgment the the lithium battery's condition before you use it is recommend.


    The Opaltool Electric Bike Throttle Grip is a versatile and user-friendly accessory for electric bikes and scooters. With its universal voltage compatibility, it can be used with electric vehicles ranging from 12V to 84V, effortlessly identifying the voltage and displaying it in real-time on the LED screen. This feature makes it a convenient and practical tool for riders of different electric vehicles. Additionally, the throttle grip allows for easy and accurate assessment of the lithium battery's quality, providing peace of mind during rides. Its wide application makes it suitable for electric bikes, scooters, tricycles, and other electric vehicles. Please note that it is recommended to check the condition of the lithium battery before using to avoid any inconvenience on your journey.

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