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    None Hysmigor M8 3 Pin Mini Electrical Connector 26AWG IP65 Male Female Connector 7.8in/20cm Extension Cable Black

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    • Specification:3 pairs 3 pin male + female IP65 connectors with 26AWG wire Length: Male extension cable 7.87in/20cm, Female extension cable 7.87in/20cm Total 15.7in/40cm/pair Male and Female Ends Push In .
    • High quality material: The pigtails are pre-tinned ,making soldering easy.No loose, reliable and lightweight. Material: PVC + Copper wire,eliable and safe, no loose, lightweight and beautiful appearance.
    • Wide range of uses:Electric Bicycle Light,Ebike Kit,Throttle,Ebrake,Ebike Parts Extend Wire,electric bike motor, brakes,brake sensors,gear sensor ,display cable,Shift Sensor,Hub Motor,Mid-Motor Signal Extension Cable
    • Wide range of uses:Motorcycles,Car,Truck,Boat,Camera Indoor Outdoor Single Color LED Strip Lights LED String WS2811 WS2812 WS2812B SK6812 SK6812RGBW CCT 3 PIN LED addressable strip Useful:This male/female connector is a very useful accessory when installing LED lights.
    • Connect reliablely and effective IP65. Can be customized.(Mass customization, T shape,+shape, wire length,wire gauge ,6 pin 7pin ,extension cable,Y shape splitter or ther parameters ) .Welcome consulting
    • The deformation of the connector during transportation will not affect the use.The correction method is to use a hair dryer to heat and reshape
    • Material of external mold:PVC . Rated voltage:0-48V Construction (mm/NO.) : φ0.16MMx7-Strand (red, black) pure copper
    • Insulation ≤80MΩ Rdson MAX ≤20MΩ Diameter of male connector : φ6mm Diameter of female connector :φ6mm
    • 26AWG wire/pin 0.14mm²wire/pin Female connector wire length: 7.84in (20cm) Male connector wire length: 7.84in (20cm) 15.74in(40cm)/Pair


    The Hysmigor M8 3 Pin Mini Electrical Connector is a versatile extension cable designed for various applications. With its 26AWG wire and IP65 male and female connectors, this cable ensures reliable and effective connectivity. The pigtails are pre-tinned, making soldering easy, and the PVC and copper wire construction ensures durability and safety. With a length of 7.8in/20cm per cable, this extension cable is ideal for electric bike kits, displays, e-brakes, throttles, shift sensors, hub motors, and mid-motor signal extensions. It can also be used for LED strip lights and other electrical installations. The Hysmigor M8 3 Pin Mini Electrical Connector is a reliable and flexible solution for your electrical connection needs.

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