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    None Electric Bicycle Headlight E-Bike Headlamp Waterproof 6V Bike LED Light for Mid Drive Front Light with Horn (Mid Drive 6V Headlight)

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    Mid Drive 6V Headlight


    • The Mid Drive 6V Headlight without a horn only fits for BAFANG BBS/BBSHD mid motor to plug into its integrated light plug.
    • The D021 headlight can be installed on mid drive, front hub bike or rear hub ebikes.
    • Made of ABS and metal material. Durable and lightweight.
    • Waterproof. LED LIGHT can support enough light for your night riding , even if it is a rainning night.
    • It can fits for most road bike, mountain bike, standard bike etc. For warranty: 1 year warranty. And 24 hours quick response.


    The Electric Bicycle Headlight E-Bike Headlamp is a versatile and durable lighting solution for your electric bike. Designed specifically for mid drive motors, this 6V headlight seamlessly plugs into the integrated light plug of BAFANG BBS/BBSHD mid motors. However, it can also be installed on front hub bikes or rear hub ebikes. Made from a combination of ABS and metal materials, it is both lightweight and robust. With its waterproof design, this LED light provides ample illumination for your night rides, even during rainy conditions. Suitable for most road bikes, mountain bikes, and standard bikes, this headlight comes with a 1-year warranty and 24-hour quick response customer support. Illuminate your rides with confidence with the Mid Drive 6V Headlight.

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