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    Newdeport Folding Bike Lock Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Black

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    • ( HEVAY DUTY AND ANTI-THEFT )-This lock is made of high quality durable alloy steel, strong and durable, high safety performance, resistance to hydraulic pressure, drilling and sawing resistance, to prevent violent damage, to ensure the safety of your bicycle.Hard special steel material with heat treatment, strong and high toughness, no chance for being thumped, sawed, sheared and drilled.
    • (COMPACT AND VERSATILE)-Protect what you value !8 bars alloy steel chain lock, chain length 1000mm(39 inches).The lock is portable, long and thick enough ,which it offers greater ranger of locking options. Ideal for mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes , kids bikes and E-scooters .
    • (CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE AND CARRY)-suitable for all abilities to install and operate,Easier to carry around than other kinds of bike locks. Includes a convenient mounting case, 3 keys and two installation bolts and 4 optional self-fastening straps. Use the case or straps to easily install the lock to any part of your bike frame where there is space.
    • (ANTI RATTLE MECHANISM)-Say goodbye to noisy rides!A rattle elimination mechanism prevent the lock from shaking while riding ,Enjoy smooth, quiet rides without the annoyance of a loud, rattling lock!enjoying your ride sliently!
    • (BIKE’S FRAME PROTECTION)-Using Paintwork-Safe Plastic Coating on the bars ,your bike is an elegant of engineering ,it deserves better than being tethered to a clumsy lock that roughly chips away at the paintwork ,our Newdeport Folding locks feature an friendly soft plastic coating to keep your bike unharmed and pristine .


    The Folding Bike Lock Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Foldable Bike Lock by Newdeport is a must-have accessory for electric bikes, scooters, and lightweight bicycles. Built with high-quality durable alloy steel, this lock offers superior safety and protection against hydraulic pressure, drilling, and sawing. Its compact design makes it versatile and ideal for various bike types, including mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, and E-scooters. With a chain length of 1000mm (39 inches), this lock provides a wide range of locking options. It is also convenient and easy to use, and comes with a mounting case, 3 keys, and installation bolts. The anti-rattle mechanism ensures a quiet and smooth ride, while the paintwork-safe plastic coating on the bars protects your bike frame from damage. Keep your bike safe and secure with the Newdeport Folding Bike Lock.

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