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    MUSELK Ebike Extension Cable Julet Male/Female 2pin/3pin/4pin/5pin/6Pin DIY Waterproof Plug Cable 5pin-m

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    • There are 2Pin/3Pin/4Pin/5Pin/6Pin male and female Connectors with Multiple Specifications to Make Your Modification Easier
    • The 900mm Cable Length is Enough for Electric Bicycle Modification,it can be cut to the appropriate length according to your needs
    • If you need to make a quick release cable, you can buy two corresponding cables, such as buying a 3 Pin Male and a 3 Pin Female, so that you can connect and disconnect as needed
    • The waterproof rating of the connector is IP66, so don’t worry about using it in rainy days.It is a very suitable accessory for electric bicycles and electric scooters
    • Julet waterproof connector is s a very suitable cable for DIY, consistent quality and stable signal.
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    The MUSELK Ebike Extension Cable is a versatile and essential accessory for electric bicycle modifications. With multiple specifications, including 2Pin/3Pin/4Pin/5Pin/6Pin male and female connectors, this cable makes your modification easier than ever. The 900mm length of the cable is suitable for most electric bicycle modifications, and can be easily cut to the appropriate length according to your needs. Need a quick release cable? Simply purchase two corresponding cables and connect and disconnect as needed. With a waterproof rating of IP66, this cable is perfect for use in rainy conditions. The Julet waterproof connector ensures consistent quality and stable signal. Plus, with Amazon's warehouse and logistics, your order will be shipped to you quickly and efficiently. Upgrade your electric bicycle with the MUSELK Ebike Extension Cable today.

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