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    MUSELK Ebike Controller Bag Big Bag

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    • The electric bike control box has a beautiful appearance and a classic design. Made from brand new plastics and materials, it is durable and fits perfectly with your e-bike once installed.
    • The controller box can provide good protection for your electric bicycle controller, dustproof and waterproof, easy to dissipate heat, and it is an excellent accessory for electric bicycles and electric scooters.
    • The electric bike controller box kit provides 4 fixing screws and 2 fixing clips, if your frame tube size is larger, the attachment also has 4 free extension screws to help you solve the problem, easy to install
    • Controller boxes are available in two sizes. Type A and Type B, please refer to the picture for specific dimensions. To ensure smooth installation, please check the controller box against the dimension drawing to see if the controller box fits your controller.
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    The MUSELK Ebike Controller Bag is a must-have accessory for electric bicycles and mountain bikes with electric motor kits. Designed with a beautiful and classic appearance, this controller bag is made from durable plastics and materials, ensuring a perfect fit once installed. With its dustproof and waterproof features, it provides excellent protection for your electric bicycle controller while also allowing for easy heat dissipation. The kit includes 4 fixing screws and 2 fixing clips, and for larger frame tube sizes, 4 free extension screws are also provided. Available in two sizes, Type A and Type B, this controller bag ensures a smooth installation by checking the dimension drawing against your controller. Plus, with Amazon's warehouse shipping, your package will be delivered conveniently to your doorstep.

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