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    MotorGuide XI3 12V Saltwater Kayak Trolling Motor White

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    • Peak thrust: 55 LB, Shaft Length: 36", 12V DC, 52 Amp draw, Steering: Pinpoint GPS Remote, 3-blade machete propeller
    • The easiest to use, quietest motor in its class
    • Available with the most accurate GPS. Control in the palm of your hand. Optional pinpoint GPS is the easiest, most accurate way to drop an anchor.
    • Out-of-the-box wireless remote
    • Available built-in 83/200 kHz sonar
    • Chartplotter Integration compatible
    • 40% quieter than the competition and 50% easier to stow and deploy


    The MotorGuide XI3 12V Saltwater Kayak Trolling Motor is a reliable and powerful motor that offers a peak thrust of 55 pounds and a shaft length of 36 inches. With its 12V DC power and 52 Amp draw, this motor provides optimal performance for your kayaking adventures. Equipped with Pinpoint GPS Remote steering and a 3-blade machete propeller, it ensures precise and smooth maneuverability. This motor also stands out for its user-friendly operation and quiet performance, making it the easiest to use and the quietest motor in its class. It features an optional pinpoint GPS system that allows you to have control in the palm of your hand, making it the easiest and most accurate way to drop an anchor. The MotorGuide XI3 also comes with an out-of-the-box wireless remote for added convenience. Additionally, this motor offers the option of a built-in 83/200 kHz sonar and is compatible with chartplotter integration. With its 40% quieter operation compared to its competitors and its 50% easier stow and deploy feature, the MotorGuide XI3 is an excellent choice for any saltwater kayaking enthusiast.

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