MONEUAL EVERYBOT RS700 Plus Floor Mooping Robot Cleaner + Charging Stand (Green)


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  • Cleaning mode: Auto, Focus, Corner, Manual,Zig Zag. Obstacle Sensor PSD 4 points, Bumper Sensor Fall Protection PSD sensor 4 Points. Driving speed: 20cm/SEC Washable Microfiber & Split Fiber Mops with Water Tank. Patented. Water Tank Capacity 60cc (x2) Battery Lition 11.1VDC, 2150MAh Charging Time: ±120 minutes Operation Time Wet Mopping: ±40 minutos. Operation Time Dry Mopping: ±50 minutos Dimensions(mm.): 371x203x110mm
  • Rated voltage: (Lithium-ion battery)11.1VDC, 2150MAH (Charging cord)220V,(Europe / Asia "C", "F" plug type - Two round pin) ※ If your local AC power supply AC 110 ~ 120V, you will need a step up voltage power consumption: 27WH Charging method: manually charge * Charging time: 100 minutes * Use time: 100 minutes (50minx 2) *battery: ㆍtype: Lithium-ion (Li-ion),Composition: main body, Charging holder(only RS700***), 4 Mop, Damp Cloth kit, Remote, charging adapter, manual
  • Cleaning method: * Mop plate rotates drawing a circle * Number of revolutions: 5,700 rpm Cleaning mode: * Automatic Cleaning * Intensive Cleaning * Manual Cleaning * Wall Riding Cleaning * Y-Cleaning Convenience features: * Obstacle Detection * Fall prevention * Lifting Detection * Motor overload detection * Battery over-discharge detection * Automatic water supply system * Shift knob * IS remote control Dimensions (W x D x H): 37.1 x 20.3 x 11.0 cm Weight: 2.1 kg.

Publisher: EVERYBOT

Details: Automatic cleaning y-shaped cleaning Concentrated cleaning Cleaning the wall riding Manual cleaning Dry mop cleaning mode (Model RS500 not supported) ** Handy cleaning mode Turbo mode (model RS500 not supported) ** Obstacle detection (Model RS500 not supported) *** Drop prevention sensor - Detection and prevention of fallable places such as entrance hall and stairs Obstacle Collision Detection Sensor - If you hit an obstacle such as a wall or furniture, Ambient light sensor (ESA) - Recognize the brightness of the surrounding environment. Cleans the dark under the bed and automatically goes to the bright spot. Q. Can I charge if there is no charging stand? A. If there is no charging stand, you can charge it by connecting the charging adapter to the RS700 main unit. Q. Does the product recharge itself? A. No. It is the way that the product is charged when it is placed on the cradle by lifting the product. Q. Can I use it with RS500? A. This charging stand is only for RS700 and can not be used for RS500.

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