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    Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra Electric-Steer Trolling Motor White

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    • 60" Shaft, 36v, 112 lbs Thrust
    • i-Pilot GPS Trolling System: The most-trusted GPS system in fishing. i-Pilot uses GPS to control your trolling motor with incredible features that keep you on the fish. Set Spot-Locks, record paths, control speed and steering, and more. i-Pilot makes boat positioning and control automatic, and you can take command from its easy-to-read large LCD screen.
    • AutoPilot: Automatically navigate your boat in any direction you choose. Just point the head of your trolling motor in the direction you want to travel, activate AutoPilot, and your trolling motor will keep you on that heading automatically, even correcting for wind, waves and current
    • Digital Maximizer: Provides up to 5 times longer run time on a single battery charge. These variable speed trolling motors let you dial in your exact speed, and they deliver only as much power as you need, helping to conserve your battery for a full day of fishing
    • Weedless Wedge 2 Prop: With swept-back flared blades to power through anything without battery-draining chopping and hacking, the Weedless Wedge 2 is one of the most trusted props in fishing


    The Minn Kota 1358965 Riptide Ulterra Saltwater Electric-Steer Bow-Mount Trolling Motor with i-Pilot GPS is a powerful and reliable tool for avid anglers. With a 60" shaft and 112 lbs of thrust, it offers exceptional performance on the water. The i-Pilot GPS Trolling System takes fishing to the next level, allowing you to control your trolling motor with ease. Features such as Spot-Locks, path recording, speed control, and steering make boat positioning and control effortless. The AutoPilot feature enables automatic navigation in any direction, even compensating for wind, waves, and current. Thanks to the Digital Maximizer technology, this motor provides up to 5 times longer run time on a single battery charge, ensuring a full day of fishing. The Weedless Wedge 2 Prop adds further value, allowing you to power through obstacles without draining your battery. With its exceptional features and reliable performance, the Minn Kota 1358965 Riptide Ulterra is a must-have for any serious angler.

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