Metered water softener with 3/4" Fleck 5600 Econominder control, 32,000 grain capacity with by-pass valve

CAI Technologies

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Brand: CAI Technologies

Color: Beige


  • Fleck 5600 Econominder control

Publisher: CAI Technologies

Details: 32 000 grain capacity microprocessor based metered water softener. The WS4C softener comes with a 5600 Econominder control and valve (3/4" connections standard) with an integral mechanical metered control. This model incorporates a mechanical water metering system that even works in the event of a power failure! The metered system gives you a high efficiency regeneration to minimize salt consumption. A beige colored resin tank manufactured by Structural is poly lined and fiberglass reinforced. The standard softener is a "two tank" configuration with a separate poly brine tank in almond. A system by-pass valve is included along with the purchase of any unit.

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