MedaCube Automatic Pill Dispenser 12-bin Wi-Fi


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  • Touchscreen, lockable, automatic, pill dispenser with custom audio reminders
  • Receive notifications and reminders by email, text, and/or phone
  • The pill dispenser clinically proven to improve adherence
  • No need to measure your pills and no hardware to assemble
  • Saves time - no need to separate your pills for each dose

Legal Disclaimer: To prevent serious injury, read and understand all instructions and cautions before use.

Publisher: PharmAdva, LLC

Details: The MedaCube is designed for people who are capable and full-of-life but would like help remembering to take their medications. It is the only automated pill dispenser clinically-proven to improve adherence, therefore empowering its users with greater independence and self-reliance.

The MedaCube holds a 90-day supply of up to 12 different medications (expandable to 16), and sends messages to family and caregivers if doses are late and missed (via email, text, and/or phone).

Unlike other medication dispensers, the MedaCube arrives fully-assembled and is ready to load. No loose parts that you need to assemble and install, and no pill counting or sorting necessary.

How the MedaCube works:
1. Bulk Loading: Pour
 pills into the bins. No pre-sorting necessary!
2. Set Dispensing Schedule: Program dose times for all medications.
3. Dispense medications from MedaCube when notified.
It's that easy!

The MedaCube offers state-of-the-art technological services including: 12-bins to hold medications (4 large and 8 small bins) WiFi-enabled easy-to-use touchscreen programmable dosing on a per medication basis 24-hour battery backup personalized recordings email refill reminders patient and caregiver text messaging and phone call services recordable auditory messages reporting via a secure, online portal shipped with Quick Reference Guide; End User Guide available online.

The MedaCube is the perfect solution for individuals taking numerous medications and also for those with medical conditions such as Alzheimer's Disease, dementia, memory loss, and brain injury. It enables independence for patients/users while ensuring peace-of-mind for family members, caregivers, and prescribing physicians.

The MedaCube reduces the cost of medication non-adherence, which therefore positively-affects nursing home admissions and loss of independence, wasted medication costs, and hospital admissions, ED visits, and unnecessary loss of life.

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