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    ME-MOVER Speed - The Fastest, Newest, Most High-Tech Member of The Me-Mover Family - It’s Designed for Those who Want to go Faster and Further (Orange)

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    Brand: ME-MOVER

    Color: Orange


    • HIGH SPEED: The Me-Mover Speed PRO combines high speed with incredible stability. If you are looking to travel fast and further the Speed PRO will be the right companion.
    • LOW IMPACT ON JOINTS: A great alternative to running by offering intense exercise with lower impact (acceleration forces) on the joints and tendons. Ideal for both rehabilitating and preventive purposes to sport injuries.
    • BURN UP TO 50% MORE CALORIES: The Me-Mover will give you an almost full-body outdoor workout. The upright position offers ergonomic mobility with a motion resembling a mix of skiing and running - ideal for your mind and body. Get all the benefits of activating 6 major muscle groups combined with the low impact on joints, reducing the usual risk of sports injuries. Training Cardio, Core and Caloric burn has never been so fun and efficient.
    • RECOVER & REGAIN: Me-Mover will assist a faster recovery and help you regain balance, strength and stability. The upright position and low impact on joints delivers freedom to move and build muscles for recovering injuries or weaknesses in back, knees, hips, and ankles. On the Me-Mover you will be able to mind your training and get back in shape.
    • BOOST YOUR PERFORMANCE: And reduce risk of sports-injuries – Research has found that using the Me-Mover helps to build resistance against acute or stress-related injuries.
    • FOLDING MECHANISM: The easy folding mechanism allows you to bring the Me-Mover along for your trips by train, car or plane.

    Details: Me-Mover is a stepmachine on wheels with an innovative built-in technology supporting a smooth, fun and efficient outdoor training experience. Use the Me-Mover for an efficient workout, as a commuter or an everyday ride minding your physical well-being. Use the easy to fold mechanism to bring the Me-Mover along when travelling by car, train or airplane and explore new rides. 1)Folds in seconds. 2)Special carving mechanism with an agile handling. 3)Unique automatic transmission - one gear for all kinds of terrain. WHEEL DIMENSION: 16-inch, fitted with CST tires and front mudguard with 160mm disk brakes. | Ships Almost Fully-Assembled | Easy assemble! The Danish designed, innovative Me-Mover is a stepmachine on wheels for outdoor training. The combined running and skiing motion delivers a full-body workout and the best fun you have ever had while exercising efficiently. The upstanding position supports your body, builds your muscles and has serious positive impact on your balance. You will benefit from the low impact on joints that is a key characteristic for the Me-Mover. It reduces your risk of sports injuries and it opens the opportunity to get moving among users who cannot participate in sports with high impact such as running or traditional biking. Me-Mover owners experience efficient physical results, while they enjoy the ride. Safety notice The Me-Mover has been thoroughly tested in laboratory conditions and in actual usage outdoors. Safety Warning: Please read the User Manual before using the Me-Mover and pay particular attention to the safety guidelines and warnings. The Me-Mover is not a toy. Children may only use it under adult supervision.

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